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Playground: A Day in the Life With Andrew Jackson

Playground: A Day in the Life With Andrew Jackson

I’ve always ridden my bike because it’s what I love to do. I’ve been through too many low points in my life to be doing something I don’t believe in for clout or money. All that can go as quick as it comes and chasing that wave is never ending. So try to fully understand why you’re into something then pursue it with that in mind and ride out the highs and lows as they come regardless if anyones watching or not.

Andrew Jackson riding his bike in downtown Los Angeles.

This video is about authenticity. I’m riding downtown LA because it’s what I’ve been doing daily for the last 15+ years. I’m with my son because it’s what we do everyday. Being involved with a project or brand has to fit. Otherwise I think it’s really easy to get lost on who and what you’re doing it for. It’s always hit a lot harder for me having a couple people that really want to see me succeed than tons who just pop in for the moment. I’m still a bike rider first and I want to see where I can take that, all the rest is extra.
-Andrew Jackson

Two photos side-by-side of Andrew Jackson riding his bicycle over the colorful and well worn streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Andrew Jackson walking his bike along the side of a brick building.