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This recall only involves Giro Merit helmet manufactured prior to January 2023 that were sold in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and Canada.
I’m Amanda Chapin - I’m a gravel rider, mountain biker, cyclocross racer, tandem stoker, and sometimes even a roadie - plus I’m a new mom! And what an adventure it has been…
Giro revealed a glimpse of the future, unveiling several exciting new helmets, apparel pieces and footwear models at the biggest trade show in cycling.
Forget about the likes and mentions and incessant notifications: sometimes you just have to silence it all and chase your buddy down the mountain. And maybe throw a few shapes while you're at it.
Flashpoint MVMT is here to change the image of cycling. Meet Kathy Pruitt, Andrew Jackson, Amanda Schaper, and Nehemiah Brown as the breakdown barriers in cycling.
Learn about the importance of backcountry safety, key principles and practices, resources available to you, and the gear you need.....
Cold Weather Cycling Apparel
Forms and information for shop owners related to the Giro Snow Helmet Rental Program.