Reasons: Cody Kelley and “Ol’ Dog”

Cody Kelley has been riding on two wheels his whole life. Today, he’s known for his super dialed and fast style, and the best #tabesforbabes around. In this video, the first of our “Reasons” series, we explore Cody Kelley’s beginnings as a rider and the influences that have defined his approach to life as a pro.

A lot of his success, and his inspiration, comes from his relationship with his pops, affectionately known by many as “Ol’ Dog”, who along with Cody’s mom brought Cody into the riding and racing scene at a young age. It’s a life-long bond that’s evolved over the years with some friendly father-son competition, and a lot of laughs along the way.

Whether they’re ripping close to home at Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah, or just goofing around in the parking lot together, you can bet that this father-son duo is stoked on life and stoked on bikes. And they don’t plan to stop riding together any time soon.