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Live For This: Explore

Live For This: Explore

The Giro snow division headquarters are based in the Wasatch for a good reason.

Salt Lake City (and nearby Park City) is a special place for those of us who like to play in the mountains 365 days a year. We might be biased, but we’d say there’s no better place in the world for quickly getting into mountains to ski, ride, mountain bike, climb, run, and more—sometimes a few of them in the same day. And however you choose to engage the mountains, there is an extensive community of other people in Salt Lake to connect with and share all the fun that we live for.

The extended snow season is one of the best parts about Salt Lake. Long after the snow has melted out of the city and lower elevations switch to mountain biking and climbing, the nearby higher elevations still hold snow for those of us who like to enjoy the “after season”. To celebrate this time of year, we created a video with Nils Mindnich where we loaded up the QuietKat e-bikes and went couloir hunting at the end of May. We met up around 2 am in a Salt Lake parking lot, started pedaling up a dirt road by 5:00 and changed over to hiking at the trailhead around dawn. After riding a couple of beautiful Utah couloirs, we were back in the city for tacos by evening. Just your average May mission for some skiers and riders living in Salt Lake.

As Nils points out, these “endless winter” adventures are just one of countless ways to play in the mountains in the greater Salt Lake City area.