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Just Because

Just Because

Inspiration, dedication, community, individuality, expression, comradery, friendship, joy, pain, endurance, vison. Because.

Giro MTB riders inspire us. Whether it’s the blazing speed of the Enduro World Series, the terrifying landscape of Red Bull Rampage, the high-consequence precision of slopestyle, or the raw un-adulterated creativity of playing on dirt jumps, the vision that drives their lives comes through in their riding. And, just as they inspire us, they inspire each other.

This was thoroughly obvious when longtime Giro Sports Marketing Manager Jim Heeney got over twenty of our top gravity riders from every part of the sport together for two epic sessions, one in Pacific City, OR and the other in Unity Woods, Manchester, UK.

Regardless of discipline, these riders are in a position that inspires, and when you ask them why they ride, you get a predictably wide range of reasons:
“Because it’s a good time.”
“Because it makes you hungry and you sleep good.”
“Because it’s being in your own little zone.”
“Because it’s dope!”
“Because when I ride the vibes are always high.”
“Because I love riding bikes and I don’t want to work.”

These riders are truly at the top of their game and we’re pretty sure watching them will give you a pretty good new “because” of your own to get out there and go for a ride. Thanks to: Alex Volokhov, Brendan Howey, Carson Storch, Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge, Reed Boggs, Rhys Verner, Richie Rude, Kasper Woolley, Warren Kniss, Emil Johansson, Josh Bryceland, Caro Gehrig, Max Nerurkar, Josh Lewis, Sam Cofano, Vero Sandler, Sam Hochenhull, Bex Barona, Adolf Silva, Dan Paley and Florian Nicolai.