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Giro has long believed in equality not just in the peloton, but also behind the scenes, whether that's for our designers, product managers, or the photographers we choose to work with. We have been proud sponsors of the world's top female cyclists, from legends like Olympian and 3x World Champion Marianne Vos to amateurs like the six women of the Réve Team we supported 10 years ago when they rode the entire Tour de France route one day before the men. Against this backdrop, we sent Dominique Powers to France for Le Tour de France Avec Zwift to photograph an incredible team at an incredible moment in history. We’ve worked with Canyon SRAM Racing since their beginning six years ago, and it is high time these amazing cyclists got a Tour de France of their own. They seized the opportunity, winning the Teams Classification and with Kasia Niewiadoma placing 3rd on final GC. Two nights before the race began, a race that is the culmination of so many dreams and literal lifetimes of dedicated hard work, we had the athletes and team staff sit for portraits and share their thoughts on the eve of this turning point event.

Tiffany Cromwell Portrait

“You can see there’s a lot of momentum coming now, everywhere you look is excitement. The Tour de France is this global name that everyone knows- it’s the biggest cycling race on the entire planet. It’s prestigious, it’s hard, and for us- for the women, it’s history. We are creating history.”
– Tiffany Cromwell

Kasia Niewiadoma Portrait

“The Tour de France to someone who doesn’t know what cycling is, thinks that’s what cycling is and that’s it. When I started racing and realized that it was a race I wouldn’t be able to race in, I just removed it from my head. Now that it’s something we can partake in it’s really exciting. Taking part in the race is something special, and to be able to leave a footprint with your results is really exciting.”
– Kasia Niewiadoma

Alena Amialiusik Portrait

“It feels so exciting, when I start to think about it deeper I have goosebumps, it’s just so amazing. Especially when we see the men’s peloton and all the people on the roads, I expect the same for us, and we’ve never had that. I’ve always watched the Men’s Tour de France and everyone would ask- ah you do professional cycling, do you do the Tour de France? I would have to answer no, we don’t have that - but now finally I can answer YES!”
– Alena Amialiusik

Beth Duryea, Director Sportif

“It’s really a moment in women’s cycling and in history- with all the media around it the race really has the platform to succeed. It’s going to be more visible than ever before and has by far the biggest international coverage that any women’s race has ever had, and we have eight days of that. A lot of new growth will stem from that, I’m confident of it.”
– Beth Duryea, Director Sportif

Soraya Paladin Portrait

“The Tour de France Femme avec Zwift means that women’s cycling finally has the importance that we deserve. It’s also good for the young women approaching this world - It’s great for us and the future of our sport. We need more visibility, it’s the only way to have a chance to grow to more than we are now. The Tour de France is such an important race, it means future- I know that in a few years a lot of girls will start riding and we will have more and more cyclists racing our race.”
– Soraya Paladin

Elise Chabbey Portrait

“I’m super excited to be here, and so nice to have all the attention, media, and spectators. It’s a good opportunity for women’s cycling to show what we can do. I’m excited for every stage, every one has something special. Stage One is close to home so my family and friends can come, and all the crowds and noise on the Champs Elyssees. I’m excited for the hilly stages where maybe I can try something, and in the mountains it will be nice to support the team. La Planche des Belles Filles is quite a famous climb and I think it will be crazy up there! We’ll have many opportunities to show off our sport.”
– Elise Chabbey

Pauliena Rooijakkers Portrait

“I’m excited for sure! It’s an exciting race and amazing that it’s finally happening now. You know that it’s going to be big and it’s so special that we have the Tour de France Femme avec Zwift. When I started riding my bike, I had so much fun with friends, and later when I started to race I liked the competition and fighting spirits. When I started racing I knew immediately I wanted to be a pro cyclist. I still love the fun, as well as the fighting spirit and competition.”
– Pauliena Rooijakkers

Ronny Lauke, Team Manager

“It’s the most recognized bike race globally, and therefore riders probably squeeze a few percentages more out of their bodies to be able to deliver a better result. If you look globally at cycling, what people know about cycling is the Tour de France. I’m extremely happy and proud that women’s cycling is at the point where they have the race. We can only have this race because of the work many others have done for many years setting us up, and now we can all benefit from it. We also need to drive the momentum so that it can continue.”
– Ronny Lauke, Team Manager