Sunday Social at Golden Saddle Cyclery

Words and Photos by Jen Abercrombie

Jen Abercrombie is the founder and host of the Sunday Social at Golden Saddle Cyclery. We were honored when she invited us to Los Angeles to participate on Feb 7, 2016. Here’s here recap of the event.

Sunday Social at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles is a quarterly women’s-only event series aimed at making women feel comfortable in the bike shop, educating them on cycling topics, and most importantly creating a space for female riders to meet and have fun. One of the goals of Sunday Social is to address issues that are difficult for women to talk about with predominantly male bike shop employees. The inaugural event in November 2015 went right to the um… heart of the matter: the saddle. Participants got to demo more than twenty saddle options on their own bikes, which were setup on trainers in the shop.

For the second event the aim was higher… and lower. Entitled “Head to Toe: The Fit and Technology of Helmets and Shoes”. Giro Marketing Manager Amanda Schaper, known to many attendees as a former fixture on the SoCal Cross scene, gave an informative talk about the various shoe options available from Giro, including the new Empire W ACC lace-up shoe for women debuting in the spring. She compared the lasts used to make men’s versus women’s shoes and explained how each affects the fit. She also highlighted MIPS helmet technology and how the retention systems work. Questions were encouraged from the group.
After the talking, it was time to try on some helmets and shoes. The sangria was flowing and the twenty-ish women in attendance dove into the piles of shoeboxes, comparing fits and styles with their friends. They checked their reflections while debating helmet styles and colors. Also available in the shop were the Women's Halter Bib Shorts, an innovative style that allows women to easily answer the call of nature without removing their jersey. Everyone met new friends and gained a better understanding of equipment options for their next ride.

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