Move Forward

In racing, there is only one truth: The fastest time wins. That would be simple if it didn’t also require chasing the fall line down a sheet of ice that is, at times, nearly vertical – at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour, at the very edge of control—while arcing a tenuous line, from gate to gate, on razor-sharp skis.

We saw the need for a new kind of helmet to meet these demands and created the Avance MIPS. Its very name means “advanced” or “progress” and what you see here is, without a doubt, the most advanced helmet Giro has ever built.

Avance MIPS is specifically designed to attenuate four key hazards in elite alpine racing—high-energy impacts, rotational energy, multi-impact crashes, and gate impacts. The Avance MIPS represents the next level of snowsports protection.

A design like no other

  1. Hammerhead Design

    A smart shape with material added strategically
    to areas where gate impacts commonly occur.

  2. Textreme® Carbon Shell

    A lighter, stiffer and tougher shell.

  3. EP-Premium foam

    A leading-edge liner made from the highest
    quality expanded polypropylene foam.


    An evolution of the Multi-directional Impact
    Protection System. Two layers of EP-Premium
    foam become the essential components of the
    MIPS low-friction layer (along with a pair of
    elastomeric attachment points).


Key Technologies


    Recent research shows that gate impacts can transfer as much as 70 G’s to the brain—a force greater than what you’d experience from a direct punch in the face by an Olympic-caliber heavyweight boxer. This fact shaped how we shaped the Avance MIPS, and led to the unconventional Hammerhead Design brow geometry.


    This exclusive-to-Avance design utilizes two layers of EP-Premium foam that become the essential components of the MIPS low-friction layer. The design reduces rotational forces and the eliminates the plastic slip plane of the current Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Much like a ball and socket, MIPS Spherical redirects rotational energy from impacts at any angle.


    The outer shell is constructed from TeXtreme® carbon. TeXtreme’s wide and flat fibers fit closer together than conventional round carbon fibers and require less of the resin used to bind fibers together. In the case of the Avance MIPS, TexTreme enabled us to create an ultralight shell that’s tougher, stiffer and stronger than Giro’s offered before.


  • Travis Ganong - US Ski Team Alpine Racer

    "The Avance Helmet instantly fits right out of the box. It is definitely the most comfortable race helmet I have ever worn. Also, compared to other helmets I have used, I noticed right away that I didn't hear or notice anything when I hit gates, which allowed me to focus more on going fast. I am super stoked with this next level race helmet and excited about my partnership with Giro leading into the next Winter Olympics and beyond."

  • Andrew Weibrecht - US Ski Team Alpine Racer

    "When it comes to racing there is no room to cut corners. The Avance is the ultimate blend of lightweight, protection, and functionality, which blows the competition away.”

Seamlessly Compatible

  • Onset
  • Field
  • Compass
  • Blok