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The Radavist’s Grinduro Scotland Experience

Grinduro is heading to Scotland, and we recently got to visit the Isle of Arran with John Watson from The Radavist to get a taste for just how amazing this event is going to be. Long story short: the scenery is beautiful, the riding is unreal, the beer is delicious, and the event is going to be the party of the year.

Here are a few of John Watson’s words and images from the visit, and you can see his full story and gallery here.

“Five of us ascended upon Arran with anticipations of a glorious pre-ride photoshoot. Myself, Amanda from Giro, Adeline from Mercredi Bikes, Neil from Fabric and Paul from Focal Events all kitted up, dialed in our bikes and took off to the green hills for a day of riding.”

“The terrain is beautiful, the views, stunning and best of all, it’s challenging, while being entertaining. All this within a tiny island, packed with rich history, tasty whisky, surprisingly good food and powerful landscapes.”
“Like its US counterpart, Grinduro UK is a bike race, and more. There’s a Grinduro village, a pop-up community nestled in Lamlash on the island where camping is free to race entrants, food will be served, booze will be had, bands will play, and plenty of other pre- and post-race distractions will take place.”
Learn more about Grinduro Scotland here, and register for the event here. It’s a party you won’t want to miss!