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GRINDURO – The Ultimate Party-to-Race Ratio

Words by Giro and Jeremy Dunn / The Athletic
Photos by Jordan Haggard, Long Nguyen, Colin Meagher, Ian Stowe and Dain Zaffke

Yeah! Wow! What a weekend! Giro founded Grinduro three years ago as a bike ride and weekend that combined all of our favorite things – an epic loop, some friendly competition, art, gourmet food, hand built bikes, live music, camping and a picturesque location. We selfishly created the event that we wanted knowing that at least we’d have a good time. But we really never imagined that three years later we’d see 1,000+ riders on two continents enjoying the weekend as much we do. So what better way to appreciate the beauty of this event than one of the colorful characters that wanted to share
his experience.

After three years of attending Grinduro, I’d say that this is a better bike industry gathering than any trade show in Vegas. Who can really argue with the fact that getting together with your pals and riding bikes and raising awareness and money for conservation of land isn’t the absolute best way to interact with our chosen industry? Technically no business cards were exchanged, but the more that I tried to recall everyone that was there, that I interacted with throughout the course of the weekend… eventually I just had to laugh at the silliness of it all. All these people from around the country, nay, from around the world were willing to travel to (basically) the middle of nowhere to hang out. 
My ride partner for the day was Dani from the Tenspeed Hero crew. I know what you’re thinking about TSH and my brand, The Athletic — direct competition. That’s technically true, but hardly matters. (We’re both technically competing with Giro and I’m writing this on Giro’s website!) However, this feeling of inclusion can be summed up by looking around the vendor area of Grinduro on that Friday night. You could just stand there as people were walking in and out and see that no matter who they worked for, or where they came from, they were just excited to be riding on rad roads in the sunshine the
next day.

“they were just excited to be
riding on rad roads in the
sunshine the next day.”

People who have never done proper bike races would be lining up next to Professional Enduro Racers. Hawaiian shirted single speeders right there next to spandex clad riders who in turn were right there with the steel frame-handlebar-bag-toting crew. Hell, even custom frame builders seemed to be swapping tales with their peers!  When that gun went off the next morning, we were all just a bunch of smiling cyclists out to enjoy a day. 

“Grinduro is not just
our secret party in the woods,
Grinduro is for everyone.”

So, will I be back next year? Duh. And will everyone that I saw this year be there? Let’s hope so. And you, dear reader, you should consider it too. Grinduro is not just our secret party in the woods, Grinduro is for everyone.  Grinduro 2017 - Post-Race Portraits Okay, so that’s Jeremy’s perspective… You want to learn more? You should start by visiting Grinduro.com, listen to SRAM’s podcast. Or, you can read about previous Grinduro events in 2015 and 2016. Also check out Fabrics Behind Grinduro.