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Giro’s Commitment to Enhancing Your Ride

Since Giro’s founding in 1985, we have been on a relentless pursuit of new ideas to enhance your ride.  More than mere products, Giro is a way of thinking, an energy, a drive, and a compulsion to serve our ideas and our friends with equal fervor.  A desire to make our world better through our commitments to the individuals, communities and organizations within the cycling and snowsports world.

As you may know, in the wake of the recent tragic shooting at a Florida school, there have been calls on social media for a boycott of Giro products because of its association with Vista Outdoor, a company that also owns separate businesses in the shooting sports industry.  A major concern for the boycott centers around the incorrect assumption that the purchase of any of our products may support a cause that does not fit the mission/values of our brand. That is not the case.  Our brand falls within the Outdoor Products segment of our company, which operates separately from Vista Outdoor’s Shooting Sports segment.

We recognize, support and respect the right of every individual to decide for themselves what brands they will purchase based on whatever criteria they believe are important.  Throughout Giro’s 33-year history, we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to challenge the status quo and we look forward to delivering new ideas that enhance the ride for years to come.

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