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A 2018 Mini Edit Featuring Torin Yater-Wallace

Video: Nathan Avila, Spencer Whiting aka “Gimbal God” & Seth Huot
Photos: Adam Clark & Adam Moran

Young Olympic skier, Torin Yater-Wallace, always has his eye on the prize. His passion for skiing is undeniable, and his ability to perform well under pressure has made him one of the most decorated pipe riders today. He’s competed at the 2014 and 2018 Olympic games in Sochi and in Pyeongchang and taken podium results each year at X Games, Grand Prix, FIS Freeski World Cup, and more. Don’t be fooled though, he’s paid his dues with a series of struggles along the way, and it hasn’t always been a smooth road as he continues his way to the top. Torin fully embraces our “We’ll Stop When You Stop” mantra here at Giro. He’s not going to stop pushing himself to become a better skier, and we’re not going to stop supporting him with technologically advanced gear that helps him get there.

Although he has an intense training and filming schedule, we were able to take some laps with him at Sweden’s Kläppen Resort during Kimbo Sessions, at Windells Ski Camp at Mt Hood, and during our Giro Poacher’s Pipe at Mammoth Mountain last season. Watch the video above to get a glimpse of his playful style when he isn’t under the intense spotlights of the halfpipe and read our short Q&A with him below to learn about what some of his highlights and challenges were from last season, what he’s looking forward to, and what he’s rocking out to on his playlist.

What have you been up to lately?
I've been traveling around quite a bit this summer. Went to Hawaii for my first time, then did some skiing in Mt. Hood and just got back from New Zealand a couple days ago.

Where were some of your favorite trips last season?
Unfortunately last season was filled with a ton of contests being an Olympic year, so I didn’t get to go on as many trips and shoots as I would have liked to. But I went to Japan for my first time before going to South Korea. I’d say that, and Kimbo Sessions in Sweden, were my favorite trips this past season.

Who were some of your favorite people you skied with last season?
Pretty much every trip I go on I’m with Aaron Blunck. He’s always entertaining to ski with. We go back and forth pushing each other to try stuff, and he will literally do anything.
Highlights from last season?
Highlights from this past season would be premiering my documentary “Back to Life” that Clayton Vila and I worked on for a while. Beside that I’d say getting a new sled.

Challenges from last season?
My biggest challenges last year were staying healthy slash sane during the savage qualifying period for the Olympics. It really takes a toll physically and mentally doing a contest every weekend battling for these four spots Olympic spots. So I’m really glad that’s over.

What are you looking forward to this season?
I’m looking forward to switching things up this season and focusing most my competitive time towards slopestyle instead of pipe, a switch I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. And on top of that, I'm trying to film quite a bit this year in the backcountry. It’s just so fun and once you get a taste you just want to explore everything that’s possible out there.
What travel plans do you have?
As of right now, I’m home for a couple weeks, then going to Europe for the High Fives Festival in France, then doing some skiing in Switzerland, and after then I’m not sure. I don’t usually have my plans set in stone over a month in advance.

What gear are you stoked on right now?
My favorite Giro gogs right now are the Axis. I love the simple square frame and ease of lens changing, which is extremely helpful when you’re dropping in at a contest or covered in snow in the backcountry and need to swap.s

What's on your playlist?
I’m always sifting through the internet to find new music to get me hyped when I am riding. Predominately hip-hip/rap, but here and there get some electronic jams or some weird indie music. Right now I've got some Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Clairo, Yung Lean, Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Trippie Redd, Frank Ocean, Gucci Mane, and much more.