Giro Sport Design Collaborates With Philippe Starck

Partnership results in cycling helmet featuring ecologically sensitive cork liner & aluminum shell.

Philippe Starck, a preeminent industrial designer and artist, launched a range of e-bikes for urban cyclists at this year’s Eurobike trade show. The bike brand, S+ARCKBIKE, was created in collaboration with European cycle manufacturer Moustache. Starck approached Giro early on to develop a helmet to complement the range of e-bikes. The result is the Giro by S+ARCKBIKE helmet concept, a design that combines aluminum, cork and sophisticated industrial design.

“The increasing power of man and machine create new needs and new ergonomics that I have decided to take on with Giro, the most innovative player in this industry,” said Starck, a Harvard Excellence in Design award winner.

The Giro by S+ARCKBIKE helmet concept boasts sophisticated industrial design with unconventional materials. The helmet features a cork liner that provides excellent impact energy management and is harvested sustainably in Portugal without damaging trees. Cork is also naturally water-resistant and offers significant anti-microbial properties. The shell of the helmet is formed in lightweight aluminum that can be easily recycled at the end of the helmet’s lifespan. The Giro by S+ARCKBIKE helmet concept is the first in a line of products that includes helmets and accessories designed to make urban cycling safer, more comfortable and stylish.

“The chance for Giro to collaborate with a renowned designer like Philippe Starck is something special, and confirms that cycling continues to rise in the world’s consciousness,” said Giro General Manager Greg Shapleigh. “Like Starck, we believe that bicycles and e-bikes have enormous potential to improve quality of life, health and the environment. We also believe that more environmentally sustainable design is essential to improving global society and economy.”

The new helmet and S+ARCKBIKE concepts were introduced at the annual Eurobike tradeshow in Germany this week. Stay tuned to for more information regarding their availability.